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Maggie’s Three Movies in Three Cities!

July 13, 2018

We’re excited to announce Sick to Death! has upcoming screenings in Philadelphia, New York and New Orleans. Maggie will be in attendance and will screen two of her other acclaimed social-issue documentaries while touring with the film.


The Women’s Film Festival in Philadelphia will host Maggie a couple screening in mid-July

War Zone – Saturday, July 21,  7 PM – Buy Tickets

Sick to Death! – Sunday, July 22,  7 PM – Buy Tickets


Spectacle Theater in Williamsburg Brooklyn will present a retrospective of Maggie’s three features, War ZonePlayer Hating: A Love Story, and Sick to Death!

The screening schedule is as follows:

War Zone – Thursday, July 26,  7PM  – Buy Tickets

Player Hating: A Love Story – Friday, July 27,  7PM – Buy Tickets

Sick to Death! – Saturday, July 28 – 5PM  – Buy Tickets 

Saturday, July 28 – 7PM – Buy Tickets


Back home in New Orleans, we’re excited that the oldest arthouse in the city, Zeitgeist Multi-disciplinary Art Center, will host screenings of all three films in early August.

War Zone  – Saturday, August 11, 5PM

Player Hating: A Love Story – Sunday, August 12, 5PM

Sick to Death! – Fri, August 10, 7PM, Sat, August 11, 7PM & Sunday August 12,  7PM

Tickets at the door or through Zeitgeist website.

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