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How to Test Yourself

This is a very simple but effective test, which will help individuals determine how their thyroid is functioning without the need for blood tests.

How to Take the Test

• Place a thermometer at your bedside.

• Immediately upon waking, keeping movement to a minimum, reach for the thermometer, and place under the armpit until temperature reading is completed. (If you forget to do it first thing and get out of bed, don’t take your temperature that morning, as it will be an incorrect reading.)

• Create a record of your body temperature.

• Repeat this test, always under the same arm, and record the information for 4-7 mornings.

It has been medically established that normal values for underarm temperatures are in the range of 97.8-98.2 degrees Fahrenheit. A temperature below 97.8 indicates Hypothyroidism and above 98.2 indicates Hyperthyroidism

*This test is not perfect, and should be seen as a starting point only. Underlying adrenal or pituitary issues can effect body temperature and skew the range indicating a thyroid disorder.

Want More Tests Done?

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