Seeking to understand & change corrupt medical practices around thyroid disease.
Sick to Death! Free Thyroid/Medical Corruption Panel

Sick to Death of Medical Corruption?

Join this 2 hour discussion with director, Maggie Hadleigh-West and the medical luminaries associated with her film project, Sick to Death!

These medical and wellness experts will discuss the complications,negligence and corruption which impedes diagnosis, treatment and patient options specifically around thyroid disorders and related illnesses.

The panel features Dr. Kent Holtorf, a hypothyroid sufferer and world-reknowned expert on thyroid disease. He is the founder and director of the non-profit The National Academy of Hypothyroidism (NAH), and heads the innovative Holtorf Medical Group in Los Angeles.

The panel will be held on :

Mon, Oct. 14, 2017 from 6:00 to 8:00 PM at the
Zeitgeist Multi-Disciplinary Arts Center

This is a free event held in conjunction with the World Premiere of Sick to Death! at the New Orleans Film Festival.

For those unable to attend, we are planning on streaming the panel via Facebook Live.

The film will be not be screened at this panel. You are encouraged to see the film either before or after the panel at the following times:

  • World Premiere: Sat. Oct. 14th at 6:30 PM, Broad Theater
  • 2nd Screening: Wed. Oct. 18th at 6:00 PM, Ace Hotel
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